Monday, November 1, 2010

Postsecret Secret II

This reminds me of the wording for the only tattoo I'd ever get: "Do Not Resuscitate."


  1. I did the school to become an EMT to boost my application to PA school. What a horrible job for horrible wages.

    So I have neither used my EMT training for anything other than first aid for friends nor did I get accepted into the PA schools of my choice.

    I am going to make 2011 different than 2010.

  2. I have a friend who went to PA school in Indiana because the ones out here are so overfull. She moved back here afterward and is looking for work might want to consider schools outside CA!

  3. I wanted one in CA and one out of CA. The one out of CA I was one of 740 applicants. I made it to one of the 90 that were interviewed. Then I made it to one of the 10 that were wait listed from the 35 that were accepted. I never made it past that.

    The CA schools didn't like the classes I took for my BS in Radiologic Science. I would of had to go back and do two years of classes again. No thanks, I am too old for that now.

    Sadly now, due to home ownership I am stuck in SD until time such that I can sell my house and not lose anything....

    I have lived in CA now for over 8 years. It's either move back to SF or out of the state. Argh.....